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We are very aware each and every wedding day we capture is entirely unique, however in deciding on the flow of your day we thought it may be helpful to hear some insight into what we commonly see, and how we help you schedule your day. Deciding on timings and the order of each vendor and event can be tricky, so here’s what we think you should know:

Commonly, we would start capturing the groom preparations. On average we would spend about 60 minutes here. This time can be spent taking footage of important details, the process of getting dressed and polished, some group portrait shots, and also some solo shots. We like to shoot this in a way that captures the mood and vibe of your morning.

From here, we would travel across to the bride. We tend to spend a little more time here, often around 90 minutes. There is usually a little more going on at the girls getting ready location, and we like ensure there is ample time to enjoy the process of getting into the dress. We spend this time capturing each emotion and moment as it’s happening, ensuring every special detail is remembered, and a variety of solo and group shots are included. The perfect time for us to arrive with the bride is just as hair and makeup are completing their finishing touches.

Some things to consider – this order may change depending on where each of you are getting ready. For example if the groom is getting ready on the ceremony site, and the bride is in accommodation offsite, we may decide to capture the bride first.

First looks are becoming a more popular part of a couple’s wedding day. If you decide on a first look, we meet you both at your chosen location, and assist in arranging you in the perfect spot. It can be such a special part of your day. You get the chance to really take a breath, admire how both of you look in your wedding fit, and have some final time alone before you become husband and wife.

This time also creates the opportunity to capture some of your bridal portraits, and possibly bridal party photos. Meaning less time is taken from the schedule later in the day. A first look alone may take as little as 20 minutes, or up to 90 minutes if we are going to include some couple or group photos.

We arrive at your ceremony site around 45 minutes before your ceremony start time. This gives us plenty of time to capture your stunning ceremony set up, as well as set up any videography cameras we need to cover all corners of the ceremony. It also means we are able to capture the excitement in your guests as the arrive to celebrate your day.

If you are wanting to include the more traditional group family shots, we find straight after your ceremony is the easiest time to get this done. While everyone is still in one location, and no one has had time to wander off to the bar. We have a pre-organised list of every combination you wanted captured, and can efficiently ensure each family member is included. Depending on your family size, the time spent here may range from 20 to 40 minutes.

If you haven’t included a first look in your day, after your family photos we will starting capturing your bridal portraits. We can stay onsite at your venue, or drive to a location of your choice. At your venue, we may spend 60 minutes capturing these photos, and if we are headed off site we just factor in the travel times on either side.

Time to finally relax and let the party get started. We ensure every formality is captured, from the entrances, cake cutting, speeches and first dance. We may add in 15 minutes along the way with just the two of your for a sunset shoot, or a later night champagne spray. Once all the formalities are complete, we like to capture around 45 minutes of the dance floor, before calling it a night. Once the cameras are off, it’s really time that you can let your hair down and enjoy yourselves. If there are any other special moments throughout the night, we will absolutely be there to capture each of them.

When creating your final schedule with you, we always take into account the travel times required. The last thing we would want is for your to feel rushed or stressed throughout your day, some ensuring we plan for traffic or delays along the way is crucial for us.

This schedule and timings are purely a guide and a little insight from all the weddings we have attended. There are no rules or expectations when it comes to your day, and we love hearing all of your ideas and help you bring these to life. Just let us know what your wedding day vision is, and we will be there to capture it.

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Gabby & Ray xx

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